Ratings Instructions

One of the most important aspects of the Spring Season is the evaluation and determination of the skills of its competitive baseball players. These ratings will be used to determine Summer Tournament Teams as well as Summer Travel Teams. These teams must be able to compete at a high level and incorrect ratings can lead to disastrous results, as well as a disappointing experience for the players involved. As a result, a new ratings system will be implemented for the 2011 Spring Season. This rating system strives to be as accurate and tangible as possible. Please familiarize your self with the categories and guidelines below.

 General skill ratings of each player will include consideration of the following skills exhibited during the course of the Spring Season:

·       Fielding – infield and outfield positions, including ability to catch baseball, positioning, range and awareness of proper execution in specific situations. 

·       Throwing – from infield and outfield positions, including ability to accurately reach intended basemen across the infield or cutoff men from the outfield

·       Hitting - including bunting and the ability to hit pitchers as they change speed

·       Speed - timed sprint from Home plate to first base. (In lieu of a timed sprint, players can be judged by how many infield hits or bases stolen cleanly)

Players will be assigned a rating between 10 and 50 by each Manager (or Manager and Coaches as a commitee) for each category.  Ratings will reflect the following skill levels:

50 – Exceptional

40 – Above average

30 – Average

20 – Below average

10 – Little demonstrated ability

These ratings are in relation to the Division as whole and NOT by team.

Pitching skill ratings – will include consideration of the following pitching specific skills:

  • Control  – including ability to throw strikes and hit different targets around the plate
  • Velocity   – overall speed and demonstrated ability to change speed 
  • Game Management   – how well does player adjust to variables of the game including, but not limited to, umpire zone, base runners, errors by team mates,  coach's input, etc.

Pitchers will be rated in each skill category on a 10 to 50 scale.

Catching skill ratings – will include consideration of the following catching specific skills:

  • Ability to catch, block pitches, accuracy of throw to bases as well as the time required to catch, stand up and deliver throw to 2nd base. Game management is also important, such as setting up a zone, informing his team mates of situations, etc.

Catchers will also be rated on overall skill on a 10 to 50 scale.


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